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Although it's nearly not possible to trade using Wifi or more precisely the Friend Codes, some people believe it's possible through a WIRED connection. This was all done with Pokemon Black and Pokemon White both on Nintendo ds emulators.  

Though, I think there's no program to manage data between the computer and Nintendo DS emulators. The only way to send data through Nintendo Ds emulator is via the Download play menu, apart than that it's just some technical data that nobody used. In  2004, The Nintendo DS emulators were released by Nintendo family.  Most importantly, NDS emulators are programs that,  knowing about the features of a particular console, can translate the computer codes, graphics and sound formats of this console into a system(code)  that your PC can understand. The NDS emulators are specifically built for users to emulate Nintendo game on a PC, Windows, Mac, Androids and Linux. Most of the NDS emulators do not require any powerful gaming station, but instead, it does need an absolute load of processing power as most of the emulation is done via the processor. There are also some essential aspects of  an NDS emulator; they include:

Without any doubt, Nintendo ds emulator happens to be the most successful portable console ever. The Nintendo family, free nds emulator downloads which enable its die-hard players, to download and play some games for free. Most of the free nds emulator download varies depending on the device you are using, i.e. Mac, Android, Windows or Linux. Some of the free nds emulator downloads include: 

These free nds emulators downloads do support Mac, Android, Windows or Linux. You can also browse through the biggest collection of free nds emulator downloads. The Roms/ emulators listed above are not only the free nds emulator downloads available, but there are also so many others for you to download.

What is Bios?

The word Bios stands for basic input and outputs. Bios is a program embedded on a chip on a computer's motherboard that recognises and controls various devices. One of the significant functions of Bios is to test or check the computer hardware and make sure no errors exist before loading the operating system

Types of Bios

There are various types of Bios which include: