Best Similar Games Like Team Fortress 2

Looking for the best Games Like Team Fortress 2 . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to Team Fortress 2 .


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17.4K reviews

Console: PC Windows Xbox One Xbox Series X Xbox Series X/s Playstation 5 Playstation 4

GUNDAM EVOLUTION is a fast-paced and immersive team based FPS game where you pilot Mobile Suits from the smash hit Gundam anime.

Tags: Free to Play Action Shooter FPS 3D

12. Shatterline (2022)

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22.6K reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Shatterline is a fast-paced free-to-play FPS with a roguelike co-op mode (Expedition) as well as several traditional PvP modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-Bomb, and Escort.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Shooter Lore-Rich

13. PlanetSide 2 (2012)

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68.2K reviews

PlanetSide 2 is an all-out planetary war, where thousands of players battle as one across enormous continents. Utilize infantry, ground and air vehicles, and teamwork to destroy your enemies in this revolutionary first-person shooter on a massive scale.

Tags: Free to Play Action Shooter Adventure Strategy

14. The Cycle: Frontier (2022)

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37.2K reviews

The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play PvPvE Extraction Shooter driven by suspense and danger. Prospect for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters and other ambitious Prospectors.

Tags: Free to Play Shooter Adventure FPS Exploration

15. Ironsight (2019)

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18.8K reviews

Online FPS game, near future background, Resource Warfare between Military Forces and PMC. More than 50 kinds of original weapons with customization option. Use Peripheral objects, Tactical drones, Active objects to experience dynamic warfare.

Tags: Free to Play Military Action Shooter Casual

16. Double Action: Boogaloo (2014)

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11.1K reviews

Double Action is a free stylish multiplayer game about diving, flipping, and sliding your way into action movie mayhem.

Tags: Free to Play Bullet Time Action Shooter Indie

17. Retail Royale (2022)

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2.8K reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

A chaotic Battle Royale inside a furniture store where everything is a weapon.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Shooter Strategy

18. Modern Combat Versus (2017)

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6.7K reviews

Drop into a brand-new multiplayer first-person shooter featuring fun, action-packed gameplay. Choose your Agent, master your role, and dominate the battlefield with your team. From skilled attackers to supportive defenders and covert assassins, there's an Agent for every playstyle.

Tags: Free to Play Action Shooter Casual Adventure

19. Block N Load (2015)

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15.3K reviews

Five of you. Five of them. Face off in a battle where everything you build, destroy, construct or shoot has a devastating impact on the entire game. Build defences using a crazy range of block types and work together in this FPS where no game is EVER the same. NOW FREE TO PLAY.

Tags: Free to Play Action Shooter Strategy FPS

20. Fistful of Frags (2014)

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34.0K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS Linux

Multiplayer based, first person enabled, action packed and skill demanding shooter set in the Wild West times. A unique combination of non stop action and slow but powerful weaponry.

Tags: Free to Play Action Shooter Indie Adventure