Best Similar Games Like SURVIVAL: Postapocalypse Now

Looking for the best Games Like SURVIVAL: Postapocalypse Now . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to SURVIVAL: Postapocalypse Now .

1. Feel The Snow (2019)

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2.3K reviews

Choose one of the characters and start your journey. The game has many interesting things in store: building, crafting, puzzles, bosses, mystery, laughs, quests etc.

Tags: Early Access Action Pixel Graphics Indie Adventure

2. Remnants (2021)

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612 reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch early access Xbox 360 Playstation 4

Tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal conditions, radiation poisoning, and toxic gas inhalation while trying to keep your sanity intact. Shack up, cook some chicken, and make friends or enemies as you discover, explore, learn, build, and develop your skills needed for a true survival experience.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Indie Adventure

3. Miscreated (2018)

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23.2K reviews

Miscreated is a multiplayer online hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. You will need to survive against mutants, players, and even mother nature herself.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Singleplayer FPS

4. Dead District: Survival (2022)

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161 reviews

Dead District is a multiplayer and single-player survival sandbox game in an open world where the player has a wide range of options.

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter FPS 3D

5. Out of Reach (2018)

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2.3K reviews

You’re a castaway stranded in the middle of nowhere. Storm is gone, the worst certainly not. Look for food and resources, craft gear, make shelters. These are the basics, you need much more to stay alive on this cut-off-the-world, yet not desert island. Build & burn, sail & explore, be Out of Reach!

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure Open World

6. XERA: Survival (2021)

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6.8K reviews

Console: PC Windows

Action-focused, open world survival shooter, PvPvE against fellow mercenaries and lethal XOIDS. Raid for resources alone or with team-mates, build and defend your base, stash your gear and survive against the odds. You are the hunters. You are the hunted. And the robots never sleep…

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Shooter Indie

7. Survival Classic (2021)

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267 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Try to survive the harsh realities of the cold Siberian countryside. Live long and always remember, man is man's enemy. You can trust no one but it is almost impossible to survive on your own. Choose your path and go to finish. Firefights, transport, crafting and survival.

Tags: Action Shooter Indie Adventure Singleplayer

8. Gone: Survival (2020)

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119 reviews

Gone Survival is a first-person survival game for one player. Where you have many opportunities and a completely open world

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter Indie Adventure

9. Stone Rage (2020)

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104 reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Stone Rage is a prehistoric, open-world survival game. Play as a Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal and shape-shift into beasts as you secure your place in a harsh landscape of dangerous animals, scarce resources, and unforgiving climates. Make friends and enemies. Build. Fight. Survive.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure RPG

10. Enersify ()

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0 reviews

Fight against other survivors for limited resources, beware of mutants, survive. You are the creators of your story at Enersify and everyone has their own path.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure Atmospheric