Best Similar Games Like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

Looking for the best Games Like NARAKA: BLADEPOINT . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT .

1. New World (2021)

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209.8K reviews

Console: PC Windows Android

Explore a thrilling, open-world MMO filled with danger and opportunity where you'll forge a new destiny on the supernatural island of Aeternum.

Tags: Action Adventure Singleplayer RPG Fantasy

2. Conan Exiles (2018)

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58.7K reviews

Console: PC Windows Xbox One Playstation 4

An online multiplayer survival game, now with sorcery, set in the lands of Conan the Barbarian. Survive in a vast open world sandbox, build your home into a kingdom, and dominate your enemies in single or multiplayer.

Tags: Action Adventure Singleplayer RPG Fantasy

3. SCUM (2018)

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66.4K reviews

SCUM aims to evolve the multiplayer open world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization, control and progression, where knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for long-term survival.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer


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28.0K reviews

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 builds upon the highly popular DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE with enhanced graphics that will further immerse players into the largest and most detailed Dragon Ball world ever developed.

Tags: Action Casual Adventure Singleplayer Story Rich

5. Neverwinter (2013)

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35.2K reviews

Neverwinter is a free, action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Epic stories, action combat and classic roleplaying await those heroes courageous enough to enter the fantastic world of Neverwinter!

Tags: Free to Play Action Adventure Atmospheric RPG

6. Deadside (2020)

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24.2K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS early access ps1 dreamcast n64

Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter with survival elements. Post-Apocalypse, PvP, PvE, open world, realistic weapons, craft, base building

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter Indie Adventure

7. DC Universe™ Online (2011)

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18.8K reviews

DC Universe Online is a Free-to-Play, massive multiplayer online action game set in the popular DC Universe. Become one of a new breed of Heroes or Villains and wield incredible powers as you go to war with legendary characters such as Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and The Joker.

Tags: Free to Play Action Adventure RPG Combat

8. Knight Online (2016)

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10.0K reviews

Console: PC Windows

The Great Battle between Karus and El Morad has arrived to Steam! Pledge allegiance to one of the Nations and put your skills to the test in one of the best PvP system in the MMORPG universe!

Tags: Free to Play Action Casual Adventure Strategy

9. Last Oasis (2020)

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19.6K reviews

Nomadic Survival MMO. Build wooden walking machines to travel to new lands. Create clans and fight for territory. Resources deplete fast, so take your sword and scavenge, pirate, and trade to stay alive.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure RPG

10. HALF DEAD 2 (2019)

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1.7K reviews

Console: PC Windows

Go through deadly rooms of multi-storey building. Team up with other players and make your way through traps with a friendly team (CO-OP)! Or take a weapon and kill them all in the PvP game mode!

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer