Best Similar Games Like LAST CLOUDIA

Looking for the best Games Like LAST CLOUDIA . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to LAST CLOUDIA .

1. Path of Exile (2013)

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194.0K reviews

You are an Exile, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power that will allow you to exact your revenge against those who wronged you. Created by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world.

Tags: Free to Play Action Adventure Singleplayer Isometric

2. Torchlight: Infinite (2022)

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4.2K reviews

Console: PC Windows Android IOS iPhone early access

Take off to the journey with Torchlight heroes dedicated in conquering the darkness and restoring light to the land of Leptis in this true loot-based ARPG. Build your very own heroes with ultimate build flexibility, loot-based grinding and extravagant boss fights.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Adventure Singleplayer

3. Elsword (2014)

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8.9K reviews

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive manga inspired world.

Tags: Free to Play Action Casual Adventure RPG

4. Dungeons & Dragons Online® (2012)

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5.7K reviews

Console: PC Windows

Enter a world of danger and adventure with Dungeons & Dragons Online® based on the beloved RPG that started it all.

Tags: Free to Play Action Adventure Puzzle RPG

5. Endless World Idle RPG (2019)

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4.0K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS

Explore the eternal landscapes of 3D Idle clicker RPG Endless World! Enjoy an epic adventure with a cast of 40+ characters. Build your army, craft unique weapons, balance your teams and set forth on an heroic saga that spans endless levels of monsters and mayhem!

Tags: Action Casual Adventure RPG 3D

6. Wasteland Survival (2019)

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5.5K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS

Survive the post apocalypse in Wasteland Survival - the last shelter for survivors on earth! The first thing you need learn is survival. Build home. Craft & Upgrade weapons to kill hordes of zombies, Hunt & Explore with your dog. Gather resources and PVP Plunder... Can you stop the zombie apocalypse?

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Casual Adventure

7. Never Split the Party (2019)

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4.1K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS Linux

Never Split the Party is an ultra social rogue-like! You're one of four adventurers joining together to explore a procedurally generated dungeon, amass powerful upgrades, and cooperate with your fellow adventures to conquer and crush the evil dungeon champions!

Tags: Free to Play Action Pixel Graphics Indie Adventure

8. Florensia (2016)

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626 reviews

Florensia is a Free-to-Play MMORPG and shows you its legendary worlds ashore and at sea with its 3D anime style. Mysterious islands, the great ocean, dungeons, picturesque pirates and dangerous monsters are waiting to be discovered.

Tags: Free to Play Action Adventure Singleplayer RPG

9. Leafling (2020)

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618 reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Leafling Online is a free to play 2D Action MORPG with an evolving world. Explore, fight, craft, cast, and delve your way through dangerous dungeons and discover new areas on the Overworld.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Pixel Graphics Adventure

10. MU Legend (2018)

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3.6K reviews

Following the footsteps of the successful titles MU Online and MU Origin, MU Legend offers an authentic alternative to the dungeon crawler gaming experience. A game with its own unique signature, MU Legend blends the dark fantasy world of an MMO with the richness of hack 'n' slash gaming.

Tags: Free to Play Action Adventure RPG Fantasy