Best Similar Games Like Hades

Looking for the best Games Like Hades . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to Hades .

1. The Unliving (2022)

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273 reviews

Raise the dead as a fearsome Necromancer in the dark world of The Unliving! Lead your undead armies into the endless fight in this rogue-lite action RPG game. Burn cities to ash with devastating magic spells, slay epic bosses and turn your enemies into morbid servants.

Tags: Early Access Action Adventure Singleplayer Isometric

2. Dreamscaper (2021)

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2.0K reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch Xbox One Xbox Series X/s

By night, delve deep into your subconscious and discover powerful artifacts to conquer your nightmares. By day, explore the city of Redhaven and build relationships to unlock the power of your dreams. DREAM. DIE. WAKE. REPEAT.

Tags: Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer Story Rich

3. Unexplored (2017)

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526 reviews

The ROGUELITE that feels like a ROGUELIKE. Praised for its fantastically generated dungeons, real-time combat and surprising amount of content and depth. One of the BEST GAMES OF THE YEAR according to PC Gamer and VICE Waypoint.

Tags: Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer RPG

4. The Binding of Isaac (2011)

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41.9K reviews

Now 20% More Evil with the Free Halloween update!

Tags: Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer RPG

5. Undungeon (2021)

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188 reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch Xbox One Playstation 4

Undungeon is a gorgeous Action/RPG driven by intense real-time combat and an immensely rich science fiction story. Travel between dimensions and change the world around you in an attempt to reconstruct the shattered Multiverse.

Tags: Action Pixel Graphics Indie Adventure Singleplayer

6. Arboria (2021)

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413 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Fight, die, and fight again in this dark fantasy trollz-like roguelite. As a Yotun troll warrior, descend into the ever-changing, creepy dungeons of Durnar. Use a variety of Symbiotic Weapons and Bio-Mutations to slay enemies and heal The Father Tree.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Singleplayer Atmospheric

7. Dungeons of Edera (2022)

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830 reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Dungeons of Edera is a rogue-lite action RPG dungeon crawler featuring procedurally generated levels where you will battle through hordes of monsters to restore Edera to its former glory.

Tags: Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer RPG

8. Striving for Light (2021)

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38 reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Striving for Light is a rogue-lite ARPG where you utilise a unique infinite expanding skilltree to fight your way through the darkness, striving for light.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Casual Adventure

9. Perseus: Titan Slayer - Free Trial (2022)

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661 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Defeat the Titans as you battle your way into Tartarus to stop Hades from conquering Olympus and destroying the world. In this rogue-like dungeon crawler adventure, you will play as Perseus, a demigod tasked with one mission; stop Hades and the evil forces that surround him.

Tags: Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer Isometric

10. Midautumn ()

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0 reviews

Crashing at Grandma's was meant to be a break from your responsibilities. But relaxing might prove hard when the Spirit World is real, its entrance is in your basement, and you're its newest guardian. Blast evil spirits and save your hometown in this rogue-like dungeon crawler!

Tags: Early Access Action Pixel Graphics Indie Singleplayer