Best Similar Games Like GRID

Looking for the best Games Like GRID . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to GRID .

1. Absolute Drift (2015)

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1.8K reviews

Absolute Drift is a racing game about becoming a master at the art of drifting.

Tags: Action Casual Singleplayer Minimalist Driving

2. Ultimate Racing 2D (2018)

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427 reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch Mac OS IOS iPhone Xbox One Linux Playstation 4

The ultimate top-down racing game, with 35 racing classes, over 45 visual stunning tracks, extensive career mode, championship mode and online/offline multiplayer modes.

Tags: Action Indie Casual Singleplayer 2D

3. Dash Dash World (2021)

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134 reviews

Drive, Shoot & Drift like NEVER before. Dash Dash is a cross-platform VR racing game with full hand driving and weapons controls. Over 100 hours of gameplay contents including story mode, regular online tournaments, 100s of achievements and trillion+ customizable parts.

Tags: Action Casual Singleplayer VR Driving

4. Mini Car Racing - Tiny Split Screen Tournament (2021)

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35 reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the one and only tiny split-screen racing tournament! Grab a friend (or none if no one is around), strap on your seat belt, and hit the road in more than 24 hot and lovely designed mini tracks. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s exciting. It’s time for Mini Car Racing.

Tags: Action Stylized Casual Singleplayer Driving

5. Retrowave Drift (2020)

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36 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Race your way through career mode collecting trophies and earning contracts with more prestigious racing teams. Unlock and drive new cars with different capabilities, perfect for enjoying the different weather, visibility, day/night and dynamic track conditions.

Tags: Indie Casual Singleplayer Atmospheric Retro

6. BattleTrucks (2017)

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21 reviews

Console: PC Windows Linux

Battle Trucks it is a race on huge and furious trucks. Your aim is to destroy anyone who stands on your way to victory.

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter Indie Casual

7. Long Road (2022)

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13 reviews

Constantly create their own records, get more money, unlock the vehicle.

Tags: Action Indie Casual Adventure Singleplayer

8. GPMoto Challenge (2022)

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

GPMoto Challenge is a simulation of motorcycle driving.

Tags: Early Access Action Casual Singleplayer Open World

9. Ultimate Bumper Cars - Dodgems (2021)

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch

The Ultimate Dodgems: Bumper Car Simulator with Online Multiplayer Support up to six players! Grab all your friends and family for fantastic fun! Step into the dodgem arena, take control of your own bumper car!

Tags: Action Casual Singleplayer Retro Driving

10. TrackRace (2022)

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Choose your little car and race!

Tags: Early Access Action Casual Singleplayer Arcade