Best Similar Games Like Cuphead

Looking for the best Games Like Cuphead . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to Cuphead .

1. Just Shapes & Beats (2018)

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14.5K reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch Mac OS Xbox One Linux stadia Playstation 4

"Just Shapes & Beats" is a chaotic co-op musical bullet-hell based on three simple things: avoid Shapes, move to the kick-ass Beats, and die, repeatedly.

Tags: Action Indie Singleplayer Strategy Story Rich

2. Exit the Gungeon (2020)

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2.6K reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch Mac OS IOS iPhone Xbox One Linux Playstation 4

Exit the Gungeon is a small, spin-off 'dungeon climber' immediately following the adventures of the misfit Gungeoneers.

Tags: Action Shooter 2D Platformer Pixel Graphics Indie

3. Arcade Mayhem Juanito (2017)

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177 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Arcade Mayhem Juanito is a retro experience about arcade-hopping. Teleport into different video games, play with unique mechanics inspired by well-known arcade games, face stunningly animated bosses and join the fight against the clonocell invasion.

Tags: Shoot 'Em Up Action Indie Casual Adventure

4. The Bug Butcher (2016)

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623 reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch Mac OS Android IOS iPhone Xbox One Linux Playstation 4

A fast paced action shooter inspired by the arcade classic Super Pang! Use a wide selection of weapons and powerups to tear through increasingly challenging levels.

Tags: Early Access Shoot 'Em Up Action Indie Singleplayer

5. Neon the Ninja (2018)

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10 reviews

NEON THE NINJA is a punk rock platformer where you hide in plain sight and bring swords to the gun fight. Slay each boss and take their power if you don’t smash your controller first! Are You Ninja Enough?

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer


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147 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Run, gun and explore an open undercity in this otherworldly non-linear Metroidvania adventure about the Old Gods, strange creatures and the remnants of a lost world!

Tags: Action Pixel Graphics Indie Adventure Singleplayer

7. Creepy Road (2018)

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82 reviews

The world has gone mad and Flint Trucker must go down a long, creepy road to get back home and save his beloved Angelina. Blast your guns across different scenarios to fight hordes of ravenous beasts and bloodthirsty enemies.Will you survive?

Tags: Shoot 'Em Up Action Shooter Indie Adventure

8. Rodent and Plank: Secret Origin (2021)

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows Linux

Rodent and Plank is a run 'n gun action platformer that borrows heavily from genre classics such as Gunstar Heroes, Earthworm Jim, and Metal Slug. It's tough as nails and the constantly shifting gameplay styles ensures that there's a surprise around every corner.

Tags: Shoot 'Em Up Action 2D Platformer Indie Old School

9. Apocalypse Cow ()

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0 reviews

Apocalypse Cow is a cinematic metroidvania in a rich digital universe with a thousand years of lore. In that world a little girl with the power to rupture time will fight against all odds to reunite with her father. But can she weather the coming darkness?

Tags: Shoot 'Em Up Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer

10. Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon ()

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0 reviews

Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon has over 150 levels, using a randomized vortex level rollout to make every run of the game unique. Animations, enemy spawning, and attacks are all randomized to enhance the immersion. With multiple ways to attack you will take on 5 Bosses among multiple obstacles.

Tags: Action Indie Adventure Old School Singleplayer