Best Similar Games Like Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Looking for the best Games Like Clickteam Fusion 2.5 . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to Clickteam Fusion 2.5 .

11. Aseprite (2016)

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9.4K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS Linux

Aseprite is a pixel-art tool to create 2D animations, sprites, and any kind of graphics for games.

Tags: Pixel Graphics Indie 2D Psychological Horror Software

12. Nimble Writer (2015)

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476 reviews

Nimble Writer is a general-purpose tool for writing stories, be it short fiction stories or even complete novels or books. It focuses on being distraction-free, simple, and fully customizable.

Tags: Utilities Typing Design & Illustration Web Publishing

13. TribeXR DJ School (2019)

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142 reviews

Become a VR DJ: Practice on club-standard Pioneer DJ equipment. Take lessons from DJ instructors. Join Masterclasses. Mix back-to-back with DJs around the world. Perform to a global audience.Start your DJ journey!*WINDOWS 10 or 11 Required*

Tags: Early Access Indie Casual Singleplayer Strategy

14. BM Studio (2018)

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81 reviews

Console: PC Windows

BM Studio is a program for creating melodies. Select the sounds you like and the program will turn your keyboard into a musical instrument!

Tags: Early Access Indie Simulation Music Software Training

15. Flag Collection (2020)

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71 reviews

Collect flags, feel flags, love flags.

Tags: Indie Singleplayer Experimental Minimalist 2D

16. Blender (2015)

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38.8K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS Linux

Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. Free to use for everyone, for any purpose.

Tags: Free to Play Singleplayer 2D 3D Difficult

17. Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg (2018)

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19 reviews

Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg is a VR animated short about the adventure of young talented mage Cairo and his best friend, who just got surprised by a giant egg that fell off and broke the roof of Cairo’s flying house. Though being afraid, they decide to figure out what happened…

Tags: Indie Casual Adventure Drama VR

18. GraviSound (2018)

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23 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Unusual continuation of the Button Music series - GraviSound ! Customize the way for the ball to create your own unique track!

Tags: Indie Casual Simulation Software Training Education

19. Hunger (2017)

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10 reviews

Console: PC Windows Xbox One early access Xbox 360

Hunger in Los Angeles is an immersive journalistic experience set in the heart of the city, where the indigent are trying to survive on an over-strained food distribution system. By embedding audio that was captured from the First Unitarian Church in an immersive 3D Unity scene, we become witness to a distressing event that unfolds.

Tags: VR Education Animation & Modeling

20. ComiPo!: Kids Dressy (2016)

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0 reviews

Tags: Design & Illustration Web Publishing Animation & Modeling