Best Similar Games Like Blockland

Looking for the best Games Like Blockland . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to Blockland .

1. Scrap Mechanic (2016)

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83.7K reviews

Console: PC Windows Android early access

Enter the creative paradise of Scrap Mechanic! Build fantastic machines, go on adventures with your friends and defend against waves of evil Farmbots in this imaginative multiplayer survival sandbox. With Scrap Mechanic’s powerful creation tools you can engineer your own adventures!

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer

2. The Long Drive (2019)

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14.1K reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Random generated open world semi-post apocalyptic survival car driving game.

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter Indie Adventure

3. Hand Simulator: Survival (2019)

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7.3K reviews

Console: PC Windows

Wild island. Thirst and hunger. Dangerous animals and insects. The perfect place to test your survival skills, especially if you only have empty hands, especially if it is a hand simulator.

Tags: Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer RPG

4. Dinosaur Hunt (2015)

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3.0K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS Android Linux

Dinosaur Hunt is an intense action shooter that will take you on an epic journey of hunting the world’s most horrifying animals!

Tags: Action Shooter Indie Adventure FPS

5. Rake (2015)

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3.6K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS Linux

Do ghosts exist? What about Bigfoot, Chupacabras,Rake or Skinwalkers? And how will we ever know? You play as Gordon Davis, a scientist,a traveller and an explorer of unknown creatures and unusual events.

Tags: Action Shooter Indie Adventure Singleplayer

6. Miscreated (2018)

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23.2K reviews

Miscreated is a multiplayer online hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. You will need to survive against mutants, players, and even mother nature herself.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Singleplayer FPS

7. War Trigger 3 (2015)

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8.2K reviews

Destroy, smash and blast your way to victory! Use advanced weapons and vehicles to dominate the battlefield.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Shooter Indie

8. SURVIVAL: Postapocalypse Now (2019)

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7.9K reviews

Want to survive? - Arm yourself and survive. Crafting, shooting, transport and much more awaits you in the Survival game. What happened to the world around and why he died - you may find out. But is this the main question now?

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter Indie Adventure

9. Shadows of Kurgansk (2016)

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186 reviews

“Shadows of Kurgansk” is an adventure game, where you need to survive in an area full of danger and mystery. Your goal is to stay alive and find the way out, fighting monsters and completing story driven missions. Fight zombies, build asylums, find your way back home!

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Adventure Singleplayer

10. Voidtrain ()

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Become a crew member of an interdimensional express! Discover a new mysterious world inhabited by amazing creatures, dangers and surprises. Upgrade your train, gather new materials and build better weapons! Available in single player, or in online multiplayer with up to 4 people.

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter Indie Adventure