Best Similar Games Like BLEACH Brave Souls

Looking for the best Games Like BLEACH Brave Souls . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to BLEACH Brave Souls .

1. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (2020)

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20.5K reviews

Console: PC Windows Nintendo Switch vita Playstation 4

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, the latest chapter in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, is here at last! It's time to jump into adventures beyond imagination!

Tags: Free to Play Action RPG Fantasy Open World

2. GrandChase (2021)

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19.4K reviews

Console: PC Windows Android IOS iPhone

Grand Chase is a free side-scrolling online action RPG with anime inspired graphics. Enjoy exciting adventures in dungeons and PvP with unique characters.

Tags: Free to Play Action Casual Story Rich Fantasy

3. AdventureQuest 3D (2022)

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7.9K reviews

The Void King is raising an army in secret. Death has chosen you as his champion to bring him down. Adventure & quest alongside your friends in this bizarre cross-platform MMORPG from the creators of the original, and comically-redundantly named... AdventureQuest! Weekly releases!

Tags: Action Casual Story Rich RPG 3D

4. Elsword (2014)

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8.9K reviews

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive manga inspired world.

Tags: Free to Play Action Casual Adventure RPG

5. Dragon Saga (2015)

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1.2K reviews

Dragon Saga is a free to play arcade style side scrolling 3D Fantasy MMORPG set in a world of Dragons and magic. Choose one of six classes (Warrior, Mage, Thief, Archer, Shaman, and Twin Fighter) and explore a rich world filled with unique monsters. Power up to unlock devastating abilities, hidden combos and hilarious skill effects.

Tags: Free to Play Action Casual Adventure RPG

6. Creativerse (2017)

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2.0K reviews

A sandbox adventure game as big as your imagination.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Indie Casual

7. Endless World Idle RPG (2019)

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4.0K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS

Explore the eternal landscapes of 3D Idle clicker RPG Endless World! Enjoy an epic adventure with a cast of 40+ characters. Build your army, craft unique weapons, balance your teams and set forth on an heroic saga that spans endless levels of monsters and mayhem!

Tags: Action Casual Adventure RPG 3D

8. GranAge (2020)

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459 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Return of the action Master! GranAge!!

Tags: Free to Play Action Casual Story Rich RPG

9. Fantasy Gladiators (2020)

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19 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Still playing “Rock Paper Scissors” when it comes to who is doing the chores? Not very lucky in coin tosses? Have you ever though it would be much cooler to settle your disputes, in a trial by combat? Then Fantasy Gladiators is what you were looking for! Challenge your friends to a gladiator duel!

Tags: Free to Play Action Casual Singleplayer RPG

10. Tales of Terra Ocean Open World ARPG (2022)

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows

In this world there exists a legend of a fabulous flying island called Sky Palace. The balance between Humans and Spirit have been separated for a long time, no one has seen any sign of Animating Force but now that people know that Animating Force still exists, everyone wants a part of the power....

Tags: Action Casual Adventure Singleplayer Strategy