Best Similar Games Like Battlefield™ 1

Looking for the best Games Like Battlefield™ 1 . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to Battlefield™ 1 .

1. Hell Let Loose (2021)

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56.1K reviews

Console: PC Windows Xbox Series X Playstation 5

Join the ever expanding experience of Hell Let Loose - a hardcore World War Two first person shooter with epic battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based RTS-inspired meta-game.

Tags: Military Action Shooter Indie Singleplayer

2. Isonzo (2022)

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4.3K reviews

Console: PC Windows Android Xbox One Linux Xbox Series X Playstation 5 Playstation 4

Ferocious Alpine warfare will test your tactical skills in this authentic WW1 FPS. Battle among the scenic peaks, rugged valleys and idyllic towns of northern Italy. The Great War on the Italian Front is brought to life and elevated to unexpected heights!

Tags: Wargame Action Shooter Indie Singleplayer

3. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (2017)

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35.6K reviews

Console: PC Windows

Red Orchestra Series' take on Vietnam: 64-player MP matches; 20+ maps; US Army & Marines, PAVN/NVA, NLF/VC; Australians and ARVN forces; 50+ weapons; 4 flyable helicopters; mines, traps and tunnels; Brutal. Authentic. Gritty. Character customization. And napalm in the morning.

Tags: Military Action Shooter Indie Singleplayer

4. Deadside (2020)

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24.2K reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS early access ps1 dreamcast n64

Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter with survival elements. Post-Apocalypse, PvP, PvE, open world, realistic weapons, craft, base building

Tags: Early Access Action Shooter Indie Adventure

5. Post Scriptum (2018)

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14.3K reviews

Console: PC Windows

Join the fight for victory in Post Scriptum, the only truly immersive WW2 collaborative tactical shooter. Ruthless realism with an impressive arsenal of authentic weapons and a detailed collection of vehicles across immense battlefields in this absolutely unique combined arms experience.

Tags: Military Action Shooter Indie Singleplayer

6. Verdun (2015)

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27.5K reviews

Merciless trench warfare immerses you and your squad in intense battles of attack and defense. Verdun is the first multiplayer FPS set in an authentic World War One setting offering a rarely seen battlefield experience.

Tags: Military Wargame Action Shooter Strategy

7. Beyond The Wire (2022)

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4.5K reviews

Console: PC Windows

Set in the muddy trenches of WW1, Beyond The Wire is a 50v50 multiplayer FPS that immerses players in the desperate & brutal circumstances of the Great War. Featuring an arsenal of historic weapons, ten massive maps, ten playable factions, era-specific tanks, & a brutal melee combat system.

Tags: Military Action Shooter Indie Strategy

8. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm (2011)

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22.9K reviews

Contains full Rising Storm content as well!

Tags: Military Action Shooter Singleplayer Strategy

9. Ring of Elysium (2019)

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100.3K reviews

Escape an astonishing disaster in Ring of Elysium, a battle royale shooter developed by Aurora Studio.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Shooter Singleplayer

10. Tanki Online (2017)

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5.3K reviews

Tanki Online is the free-to-play MMO-shooter with real-time PvP-battles. Throw yourself into furious tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other living players and master your skills – destroy enemy tanks, customize your futuristic armored vehicle and compete with tankers from all over the world.

Tags: Free to Play Action Shooter Strategy Story Rich