Best Similar Games Like Among Us

Looking for the best Games Like Among Us . Here’s our list of top 10 games similar to Among Us .

1. Among Us VR (2022)

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1.3K reviews

Teamwork and betrayal in space! In this VR party game, Crewmates work together to complete tasks before one or more Impostors kill everyone aboard. Experience all of the same deception and deceit as the original game, but now in your own virtual spaceship.

Tags: Casual Strategy VR 3D Colorful

2. Suspects: Mystery Mansion (2021)

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866 reviews

Console: PC Windows Android IOS iPhone

Gather clues, complete tasks and discover which player is the killer! Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a social deduction game that features native voice chat, tons of unique game modes and regular fresh content — all within a stylized world of unique characters!

Tags: Action Casual Strategy Atmospheric Mystery

3. Rocket Rumble (2021)

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13 reviews

Console: PC Windows Mac OS early access Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile webos blackberry tablet os Xbox 360 kinect symbian os

Rocket Rumble is a 4 player party racing brawler where crossing the finish line first isn't the only goal! Smash your way through action-packed tracks, earning points along the way. Earn the most to win! Plus with procedurally generated obstacles in every track, you'll never know what's coming up!

Tags: Early Access Action Casual Combat Racing Colorful

4. Suspect Enemy (2022)

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19 reviews

Console: PC Windows

Team game for 4-10 people in which there is a killer and crewmate.

Tags: Action Indie Casual Strategy Colorful

5. Enemy On Board (2020)

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1.5K reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

Online (6v2) social deduction game that will ruin your friendships. 6 crew members, 2 murderous shape-shifting aliens. Trust No One.

Tags: Free to Play Early Access Action Indie Casual

6. KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE (2022)

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262 reviews

Console: PC Windows early access

One, two, all together. Now KUUKIYOMI with everyone in the world.

Tags: Early Access Action Indie Casual Atmospheric

7. am i the baddie? (2021)

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28 reviews

Fetch some friends for fun, fast online multiplayer. One of you is the baddie! Everybody else is trying to find the baddie. The baddie is invisible. At least, most of the time...

Tags: Free to Play Action Indie Casual Minimalist

8. (2022)

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows web browser

Play quick 5 minute rounds with 6-10 players online as you try to make the greatest mess ever seen - but keep an eye out for teachers... and don't forget to frame Timothy for it - you don't want to end up stuck in detention.

Tags: Action Casual 2D Exploration Colorful

9. Bitten! Someone has to be a villain (2021)

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0 reviews

Console: PC Windows Android IOS iPhone

Multiplayer game (4-10 ppl) where traitors betray and kill other players while avoiding being noticed! Innocent players fight with zombies to pick up weapons and power-ups (like scanners to expose traitors). Players use voice or text chat to convince others they are innocent!

Tags: Indie Casual Adventure Strategy 3D

10. Peekazoo ()

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0 reviews

Peekazoo is a party game about animals playing hide-and-seek on a 4–10 person luxury cruise liner. Crewmates should avoid being attacked and complete their mission while watching out for impostors who are ready to attack your crewmates and sabotage the mission.

Tags: Action Casual Adventure Strategy Puzzle